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      Welcome to Dongguan Wingman Textile CO.,LTD.繁體版 | English | 日文版
      Search Keywords: ribbon, rope, cord, the phone, a digital camera, jacquard belt, straps, narrow band width ...
      Product List
      Why choose Wingman Union?
      Delivery guarantee·Integrity management
      The company posseses the high-tech production and testing equipments, such as, computer jacquard machine, high-speed ribbon loom, injection molding machine, tensile testing machine, continuous dyeing machines, wide-narrow machine.Fast delivery and excellent service will give you a comfortable experience! Call or email us for your inquiries, orders, we are always here for you!
      Tel:   +86-769-22264407 22264409 
      Fax: +86-769-22260426 22255309
      Product line- complete and perfect
      The company mainly produces all kinds of material webbing, rope, elastic band, jacquard webbing, nerrow-wide webbing, mobile phone lanyard, digital camera strap,seat belt,guitar belt, pet collar and leashes.
      The products are suitable for sport goods, mobile phone accessories, handbags, luggage, clothing, electronics, gifts and other industries.
      Product Quality- Stable and reliable
      Our business philosophy:
      Quality refinement, management effectively, customers oriented, industry first!
      Our quality policy:
      Integrity, quality, innovation, service and mutual benefit
      Quality objectives:
      Finished pass rate> 97%
      About Wingman

       Dongguan Wingman Textile CO.,LTD. was founded in 2010, mainland-owned enterprises. It covers an area of 20,000 square meters.

       The company mainly produce all kinds of material webbing, rope, elastic band, jacquard webbing, narrow-wide webbing, mobile phone strap, digital camera strap, seat belt, pet collar & leashes, guitar strap,etc.

      product design aesthetics, quality, reliability, respectively, through the United States UL ......[MOR…